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Online Shop - Silver Baby Cutlery and Gifts for Babies 

Our lovingly manufactured baby cutlery made of real silver or with high-quality silver plating and our noble baby gifts made of silver make even the little ones' eyes shine.

Silver cutlery for babies - only the best for your little ones

Reiner's baby cutlery consists of different parts that have been specially developed for feeding your little darling. And even the first attempts at eating can be mastered with our baby spoons and baby forks. The silver cutlery for babies not only impresses with its excellent feel and beautiful shine, but also with its antibacterial effect. In the air, silver forms a thin layer of silver oxide that is soluble in water. The resulting silver ion concentration means that bacteria, viruses or types of fungi cannot exist in the vicinity of metallic silver for more than a few minutes.
We deliver our silver cutlery for babies in blue gift cases, which can also be used for permanent storage.


Noble gifts made of silver for baptism and birth

Long-lasting, high-quality silver gifts have long been a popular tradition to celebrate the birth of a child or baptism. Not only do they have a practical use, they are also lifelong keepsakes from the beginning of life.
In addition to our baby cutlery, we also offer our classic, the christening spoon or birth spoon, in which the dates of birth (first name, date, time, weight and size) are engraved. We also offer matching silver christening cup with or without a handle. 
Our baby rattles made of sterling silver or in the silver-plated version are timelessly beautiful gifts for birth or baptism. Equipped with a teething ring and in the shapes of heart, duck, elephant or car, they bring the little ones a lot of joy and make the teething time easier.
Of course, you will also receive our gifts for babies in premium gift cases.

Refined with an individual engraving 

Engravings make every silver object very individual. We can provide your favorite pieces with high-contrast hand engravings, which our masters bring into your silver pieces with the greatest precision.

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