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Silberbesteck | Gebrüder Reiner Silbermanufaktur | Krumbach

Cutlery for your Perfect Dinner Table

Dine like Royalty with our Wide Variety of Silverware

In addition to standard cutlery pieces such as knives, forks and spoons in our cultural region, there are many other pieces that can complete your silverware set, so that you are perfectly equipped for any occasion and any dish.

You can see in the example of the Spaten model below which silverware sizes and parts are available.

Silberbesteck | Gebrüder Reiner Silbermanufaktur | Krumbach

Please note  ...

...that not all silverware sizes and parts are available in all models.

Please inquire by phone or e-mail about special pieces that you do not find in our online store.

Please also note that the sizes of the individual products are approximate, as there may be variations from model to model.

Our knives

When you buy new, we deliver our knives with our standard serrated or saw blades, enabling you to cut your food in the best possible way.

Cutlery Sizes

Reiner cutlery is available in four different sizes:

  • Menu cutlery - standard size

  • Dinner cutlery - large cutlery pieces

  • Dessert cutlery - smaller cutlery pieces

  • Children's cutlery (also called brunch or fruit cutlery) - smallest cutlery pieces


Cutlery Pieces

a) coffee spoon (14.5 cm)
b) teaspoon (13 cm)
c) mocha / espresso spoon (11 cm)
d) dessert fork (14.5 cm)
e) ice cream / sugar spoon (13.5 cm)
f) soup spoon (15.5 cm)
g) gourmet spoon (18.5 cm)
h) fish fork (18 cm)
i) fish knife (21 cm)

T) table spoon (21 cm)
M) dinner spoon (19.5 cm)
D) dessert spoon (18 cm)
B) brunch / children's spoon (16 cm)

j) butter knife and cheese knife (17.5 cm)
k) fish serving cutlery (f 22 cm / k 26 cm)
l) meat serving fork small (14.5 cm)
m) meat serving fork large (19.5 cm)
n) roast serving fork (24.5 cm)
o) vegetable serving spoon (25.5 cm)
p) potato serving spoon (21 cm)
q) cream serving spoon (17 cm)
r) sauce ladle (18.5 cm)

ss) salad servers large (24.5 cm)
s) salad servers medium (21 cm)
t) asparagus server (23.5 cm)
u) soup ladle large (32 cm)
v) soup ladle small (23.5 cm)
w) cake server (23 cm)
y) carving set (f 24 cm / k 27 cm)
z) sugar tongs (12 cm)

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