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Silberbesteck | Gebrüder Reiner Silbermanufaktur | Krumbach

Refurbishing and Repair of your Silverware

To Restore your Silver to its Former Glory

Silver cutlery that has been in the family for many years or even generations is often discolored, appears dull or needs repairs. Our craftsmen will take care of it with great attention to detail, so that your cutlery will be restored to its former glory.

We provide the following services:


Your cutlery just doesn't look as nice as it used to? We can freshen it up by polishing, matting or oxidizing it - depending on the model - and thus, turn it into a classy eye-catcher again. 


A light refreshing is often not enough to make old silver cutlery "presentable" again, but a so-called overhaul is required. Superficial brushing and buffing, light re-silvering and polishing or matting will make your silver cutlery look well cared for again. This procedure is also called a "butler finish". Certain traces of use will remain, but these only contribute to the special charm of your silver.

Refurbishing like new

If the silver plating of your cutlery is worn through or if scratches need to be removed, we will sand your silver cutlery as part of our like-new refurbishing, and then re-silver it. With the proper finish, you will hardly recognize your damaged cutlery - from old to new is the motto here.


Parts of your cutlery are massively damaged? We can offer professional solutions for that as well. Among other things, we replace your blades, sand or refurbish your knife handles. We will certainly find the right solution for your silver treasures together.


Your silver cutlery is getting older and needs to be restored to its full glory? We are happy to help you - please contact us.

Extract from our price list for cutlery refurbishment

Reiner_Tabelle 1_Besteckaufarbeitung_EN.jpg

Extract from our price list for knife repairs

Reiner_Tabelle 2_Messerreparaturen_EN.jpg

Refreshing only includes polishing, matting or re-oxidizing of cutlery pieces.

If the silver plating is worn through or if scratches need to be removed, a like-new refurbishing with grinding, re-silvering and an appropriate finish is required.

In the case of genuine silverware, an overhaul may be sufficient. Just a superficial brushing and buffing, light re-silvering and polishing or matting will usually result in silverware that has been well cared for again. Some signs of use may remain.

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