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We Manufacture Traditional Handcrafted Silver Cutlery

What does it Mean to be a Manufactory?

In times of industrialization and technologization, there are very few companies left that manufacture products using time-tested techniques. The silver manufacturer Gebrüder Reiner is one of these companies that have become rare. With us, you will still find genuine craftsmanship with a lot of heart and love for detail.

The history of the silver manufacturer Gebrüder Reiner dates back to 1874. Initially, the cutlery was produced by silversmiths using hammers, anvils and files. Nowadays, rolling mills, heavy presses and grinding machines help with the production, but the manufacturing process is still essentially craftsmanship at the highest level.

The production of one of our silver forks, for example, requires about twenty steps and one working hour. This calls for well-trained cutlery makers, cutlery grinders and polishers who use their skills and experience to ensure that our customers end up with a beautifully shaped and perfectly finished silver masterpiece in their hands.

By the way, did you know ...

that the word manufactory is composed of the Latin words "manus" for hand and "facere" for make / produce? So, it means to make something by hand.

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