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Online Shop - Our Silver Cutlery for Children in Real Silver or with Silver Plating

We also offer our most popular cutlery models in children's sizes and we also have special children's models with cute motifs.

You receive our children's cutlery in elegant cases, which are not only suitable as gift packaging, but also for the permanent storage of our high-quality children's silverware.

As a special gift for children, we offer silver-plated saving boxes in various designs.

Silver cutlery for children - luxury with an antibacterial effect

Silver cutlery for children not only scores with its excellent feel and beautiful shine, but also with its antibacterial effect. Silver - regardless of whether the cutlery is made of solid real silver or has a silver plating - forms a thin layer of silver oxide in the air that is water-soluble. The resulting silver ion concentration means that bacteria, viruses or types of fungi cannot exist in the vicinity of metallic silver for more than a few minutes.
We deliver our silver cutlery for children in blue gift cases, which can also be used for permanent storage.


Refined with an individual engraving 

Engravings make every silver object a very individual one. We can provide your favorite pieces with high-contrast hand engravings, which our masters bring into your silver pieces with the greatest precision.

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