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Silberbesteck | Gebrüder Reiner Silbermanufaktur | Krumbach

Silver Gifts and Accessories from Gebrüder Reiner

Treat Yourself and your Loved Ones to the Luxury of Silver

Whether for others or for yourself - silver gifts and accessories are of high quality and lasting value, tasteful and elegant. 

Our large selection includes the right silver product for every occasion. From silver christening spoons to bottle openers and napkin rings, you will find exquisite silver products that will bring joy to you and your loved ones for a long time.

To celebrate the birth of a child, durable and high-quality silver gifts have long been a popular tradition.
In addition to its beautiful shine and refined feel, silver also scores with its antibacterial effect. When exposed to air, silver forms a thin silver oxide layer that is water-soluble. The resulting concentration of silver ions means that bacteria, viruses or fungi cannot exist around metallic silver for more than a few minutes.

More Silver Gift Ideas and Accessories

In our store or upon request, you can get many other silver gifts and accessories. These include:

  • Money clips

  • Necklace pendants

  • Bookmarks

  • Reading magnifiers

  • Cuff links

  • Seals / Stamps

  • Travel cutlery

  • Saltshakers

  • Key chains

  • Champagne whisks

  • Napkin holders

  • Coasters

  • Business card cases

  • Toothpicks

Feel free to contact us via phone or through the contact form.

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