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Finest Silver Products are our Passion

Gebrüder Reiner Silver Manufacturer

We are proud of the products of our artisan craftsmanship, of meticulous attention to detail, and of the beautifully shaped cutlery models that can only be produced by a highly experienced and passionate silver manufacturer.

The Bavarian silver manufacturer Gebrüder Reiner is primarily known for silver cutlery that meets the highest quality standards. Here we have a large selection of classic and modern cutlery designs in various silver compositions.

We also carry other high-quality silver products, such as lovingly designed gift items, our popular christening and birth spoon, or napkin rings.


All Silver is not Equal

We offer silver cutlery and gifts and accessories in a variety of silver alloys and silver platings. Here you will find an overview of which variations are available and what the various choices in our online store refer to.

By the way, the only clue as to whether you are looking at real silver or silver-plated cutlery is the stamp on each piece. Otherwise, silverware and silver-plated cutlery are indistinguishable in appearance and performance. Thus, the decision between real silver and silver-plated cutlery is primarily a question of value.

The Antibacterial Effect of Silver

In addition to its very noble appearance and incredible luxurious sparkle, a great benefit of silver is its antibacterial effect: When exposed to air, silver forms a thin silver oxide layer that is water-soluble. The resulting silver ion concentration means that bacteria, viruses or fungal species cannot exist around metallic silver for more than a few minutes.

925 Sterling Silver Cutlery

925 sterling silver is particularly noble and a popular choice for jewelry making. 925 out of 1000 parts are pure silver (92.5%). The remaining 75 parts (7.5%) are made of copper, which is needed to harden the otherwise too soft silver material.

800 Real Silver Cutlery

Our 800 real silver is made up of 800 parts of silver and 200 parts of copper - i.e. 80% silver and 20% copper. This high-quality and robust alloy haOur 800 real silver consists of 800 parts silver and 200 parts copper - that is 80% silver and 20% copper. This high-quality and robust alloy has been recognized as one of the best standards for silver cutlery in Germany for more than 100 years.s been considered one of the best standards for silver cutlery in Germany for more than 100 years.

90g or 180g Silver-plated Cutlery

Besides solid silver cutlery, we also produce silver-plated cutlery. Our base material is durable alpacca, a traditional alloy of copper (64%), zinc (24%) and nickel (12%). Through electroplating, the base material is covered with a strongly adhering silver layer.
Typically, we use a 90g silver plating - meaning that 90g of fine silver is applied to every 12 spoons and forks. For a 180g silver plating, we use twice the amount of fine silver.

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