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Silver Manufacturer Gebrüder Reiner

A Century and a Half of Dedication to Silver

The traditional Bavarian manufacturer Gebrüder Reiner has been known for first-class silver cutlery for almost 150 years. 
Being so close to the internationally renowned silver stronghold of Augsburg inspired the founder Josef Reiner to produce silverware of the highest quality back in 1874 already. The centuries of goldsmith traditions in this region continue to have an impact on the silver manufacturer Gebrüder Reiner to this day.

Since it is still family-owned, the company has been able to preserve its knowledge of the traditional production of elegant silver cutlery for generations. Consequently, there is an immense wealth of knowledge and a great deal of love for artisan silver craftsmanship behind the only silver manufacturer in Bavaria today.

At Gebrüder Reiner today, you will find both classic cutlery designs that bring the splendor of bygone eras to your table, as well as modern cutlery lines that are just as timeless. Thus, every customer will find a design that will give him - and perhaps his descendants - joy for many years and decades to come.


The catalog of the Silbermanufaktur Reiner from 1904

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