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Silver dessert cutlery Rokoko 4 pieces consisting of dessert knife, dessert fork, dessert spoon and teaspoon.


The Rococo style also manifests itself in silversmithing through dainty, lilting decorations and a cosmopolitan, cheerful design. This model features captivating shell-shaped rocaille ornaments and asymmetrical patterns. Due to its elaborate decorative elements, this cutlery is an excellent match for plain as well as richly decorated tables.

Silver dessert cutlery Rokoko 4 pieces

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    • Dessert spoon: 18.0 cm
    • Dessert fork: 18.0 cm
    • Dessert knife: 20.0 cm
    • Coffee spoon: 14.5 cm

    Please note that the size specifications for the individual products are approximate, as there may be slight deviations from model to model.