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Silver cutlery Facette 4-piece dessert cutlery consisting of dessert knife, dessert fork, dessert spoon and coffee spoon.


Facette has an intriguing soft, flattering outer contour and a contrasting facet edge that charmingly reflects the silver glow.

This cutlery line adds a stylish yet simple touch to your table setting. By refraining from ornamentation, this model is a classic in its own right among today's cutlery shapes. It will blend harmoniously with any good china.

Silver cutlery Facette 4-piece dessert cutlery

Sales Tax Included |
    • Dessert spoon: 18.0  cm
    • Dessert fork: 18.0  cm
    • Dessert knife: 20.0  cm
    • Coffee spoon: 14.5  cm

    Please note that the size specifications for the individual products are approximate, as there may be slight deviations from model to model.

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