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Silver cutlery Bernina salad cutlery consisting of salad fork and salad spoon.


Bernina dates from the Werkbund/Bauhaus era. The design reflects the "New Objectivity" of this era: devoid of any decoration, this silver cutlery captivates with its elegant waist and comfortable handling.

The creators of this model have taken care to ensure that each piece of cutlery is optimally balanced in weight and not too heavy. As a result, the cutlery feels very comfortable in your hand.

Silver cutlery Bernina salad cutlery 2 pieces

Sales Tax Included |
    • Salad spoon: 21.0 cm
    • Salad fork: 21.0 cm

    Please note that the size information for the individual products is approximate, as there may be slight deviations from model to model.

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